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Beckie Sarles-Davis

Beckie Sarles-Davis

At Talbot, we professionally blend your branding with our expertly-sourced products, and we take serious pride in how you’re portrayed. Let us show you why our customers choose Talbot.

I’d be happy to give you more information and talk to you further about:

Custom Branded Clothing and Uniforms
Display Marketing (retractable banners/tents)
Promotional Items for Tradeshows, Conferences and Events

Some interesting information about me:

  • From: Stirling, ON
  • Years in Industry: 24
  • Years at Talbot: 20
  • Favorite product(s) to sell: To me its not necessarily about the product but matching the correct product with the industry or association I am partnering with to best meet their needs.
  • Favorite thing to do on weekend: Anything with my Family and Friends. Camping and hockey.
  • Favorite genre of music: Country or Classic Rock
  • Why this industry? I am a people person, love being out and meeting with clients. It was a natural fit.